The Sunbeam Heritage Series of stand mixers are a sturdy and affordable alternative to some of the top tier options in our best stand mixer review. This kitchen mixer has up to 12 mixing speeds to work its way through cake mix, whipped cream or anything else you plan on mixing. While this mixer doesn’t have as much mixing power as some other mixers do, it has a set of features that make it desirable.

The dials and buttons on this mixer are easy to use and understand. The button to tilt the head back is conveniently located on the side of the stand. With a quick push of the Tilt Head button, you can remove the 4.6-quart stainless steel bowl in a flash. The bowl doesn’t lock onto the mixer, which makes removing the bowl from the mixer even simpler. The mixer also comes with two chrome beaters and two dough hooks. You can purchase a 2.2-quart bowl, as well, if you don’t need the bigger bowl.

One of the features that make this mixer exceptionally easy to use is the off-center bowl placement on the stand. The off-center bowl is a clever design that gives you easy access to add ingredients as you mix.

While the design of the mixer is unique and convenient, the mixing power of this Sunbeam Heritage Series mixer isn’t as impressive as other mixers we reviewed. The Sunbeam tends to leave unmixed ingredients at the bottom of the bowl, and the mixture tends to climb up the sides.

This kitchen stand mixer is not as heavy as some other mixers, which has its pros and cons. When not in use, you can easily move the mixer and store it away. However, when mixing heavier batches of mix, the mixer’s light weight makes it difficult to keep stationary. A walking mixer is not only an annoyance, but also a hazard.

You can download this cake mixer’s manual from the Sunbeam website. You can also refer to the product’s FAQs section for answers to any concerns you may have. This electric mixer comes with a two-year warranty.

Sunbeam Heritage Summary:

The Sunbeam Heritage Series is a solid alternative to the top tier mixers we reviewed. It has a unique yet retro design that may make you feel nostalgic about your mom’s kitchen mixer. It’s not as comprehensive of a mixer as others are, yet it’s durable and affordable.

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Sunbeam Heritage

The off-center bowl design is convenient for adding ingredients.

This is not as comprehensive of a mixer as others we reviewed.

The Verdict:

This is a decent and affordable alternative to the best available mixers.